Saturday, November 06, 2010

Vintage Cards Class Today

Hey Bloggers,
I had my Hero Arts/Simply stamped class yesterday - the ladies were a hoot, I think we may have scared poor Una though ;)  I can't remember if I'd posted photos of it the last time it ran...hmmm...don't think so, here's what they looked like anyway - I LOVE the little owl peeking out of the present, too cute.

The 3 trees one was a hit, because it looks impressive but is really quite easy (just the way I like it ;)

 I love the cherubs stamp - I think because it reminds me of the Golden Books I used to read.  
Anyway, I don't have time for these shenanigans!  I'd better get ready for work ;)
Have a great Saturday!  We're off to the Wynnum foreshore tomorrow with the kids - a last Sunday Hurrah for me since I'll be starting taking over Jolene's Sundays from next week since it's her last day tomorrow :(  Good luck with the move Jolene!


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