Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dragon Sock Puppets

Well, I had the card workshop today for the lovely ladies from CAP.  We had 16 or so and it was a lot of fun.  I introduced alot of them to the world of Kindyglitz, so some husbands may not be happy ;)
A big shout out needs to go to Lyndal - she was my lovely assistant for the day (never did get her into that spandex ;) and went above and beyond (curse my enormous headache - leaving me with the inability to remember Tim Holtz dies).
Can't wait for the next one...card workshop that is, not headache ;)

I also thought I'd share some hilarious show and tell.  Last week, after work, my lovely children decided that what we really needed to do was make sock puppets.
Fine, I thought, one odd sock (got enough of those) a couple of buttons (hmmm, less enthusiastic but figured I could spare a couple for the greater good) and hey presto.... Apparently not. Not content with normal sock puppets I was forced to make Dragon sock puppets, with wings, googly eyes, pointy dragon ears, teeth and forked tongues.  As you do - doesn't everyone know how to make those?  And hurry up Mummy, I want it to be ready NOW.
So, feast your eyes on the results (well Connor's one - Hamish was running around so much with his that I couldn't get him to stand still long enough for a photo.) A cobbled together dragon sock puppet made in under 4 minutes.  (Those with actual talents in this field may want to look away now ;)

Apparently he wanted to depict an epic battle  - that between sock and boy. Well, what he said was 'and now the sock dragon is attacking me, aarrggh, aaarrrggghhh!!' but my version sounded better ;)


Krischelle Page said...

That is so cool, you are very amazing talented mummy! So glad the card class went well! Did you do anymore last night.... I am going to get cracking on mine a bit more tonight!

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