Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Curse of the Broken Camera

I am really feeling the loss of my camera at the moment.  I really want to share some show and tell - the heart is willing but the camera isn't, really need to take it in to the camera doctor soon (because I have soo much time on my hands ;)
With Fiona away at CHA ( am so jelly-eyed about that - though I have visions of her throwing her scanties at Tim Holtz...no wait, that's what I'd do ;) the shop has been crazy.  The fabulous Sharlene had her patented Speedy Scrap class today (always popular) and Friday I have the mini Xmas in July.
Then of course I have my Card Workshop for the wonderful CAP ladies.  I'm very nervous about this one, but I'm sure that they'll all be gentle on me!
I'm going to teach a xmas card, a male/father's day card and a female card - cover all bases so to speak.  I shall attempt to upload the card examples tomorrow, when I shall hopefully get an idea of class numbers for Saturday (eek).

Anyhoo, am off to bed - here's hoping I get coffee and breakfast in bed again tomorrow like I did today, I am so spoilt.  But hey, I think Dion has cottoned on to the fact that I'm nicer and love the world more when the coffee fairy magically delivers her caffeinated goodness to me in bed. (twice in under half an hour - sigh ;)


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