Sunday, October 31, 2010

Barbara the Techno Bimbo

So, I tried my first attempt at cyber-cropping....and ran out of time to post my card I made for it because I'm a doofus and have no idea how to post pics to the gallery ;) so, here it is, a very quick and hurried and slightly blurry card sketch challenge for The Scrappers Outlet

Card sketch

My camera is still broken, so the pic was taken with my dodgy phone ;)
I shall try and cyber crop again, and this time I shall prevail!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Notice Board Pics and Roller Derby Tonight

Hey there Blogmeisters,
Here are the pics I promised of Kylie's birthday present.  It was a real challenge to go against my normal tastes and desires - not to cover it with chicken-themed fabric and a horde of buttons, but I succeeded.  It was certainly a good excuse to buy a 4-in-1 nail /staple gun, so now I have a deadly weapon too ;)

Not terribly clear, and in the process of being covered with Kylie's enormous collection of hair accessories but you get the idea.
The kids and I (and Kylie etc) are off to Roller Derby tonight at the Convention Centre, should be interesting, as long as Hamish doesn't tackle someone to the ground and try to steal their skates it should be all good ;)
Don't forget to vote/leave a comments for the Cosmo comp, it closes Monday.

Friday, October 15, 2010

If you love me and you know it....

Hey there bloggees ;)  I've come seeking your love and affection ;)  Cosmo Cricket (one of the loves in my life ;) are having a competition where you go onto their blog and leave a comment nominating a paper crafter you like. The person with the most comments for them could win a design team spot for the month of November (gasp!) and get some goodies (double gasp!) So, if you love me and you know on the following link
and I shall be your adoring fan forever!

Also watch this space for pics of my first attempt at making a ribbon criss-cross notice board jigger (technical term ;)
 Thanks guys, I'm cyber-hugging you right now ;)  (especially those special few wearing velour ;) What can I say, I'm a sucker for texture ;)
PS - We're having difficulty coming up with a name for our last frog, we have Houdini (because he was always escaping); Stockholm (because he wasn't); Chenobyl (because he's a particularly bright and virulent green compared to the others); Beaconsfield (because he's always getting himself trapped in the enormous empty space behind the fake rock and ......the 5th one has a penchant for sitting regally in the water surveying all that he sees - or hiding half submerged in the crevassy-bit..... ideas?  I may even rustle up a prize ;)