Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Australian Scrapbook Ideas Issue #4

Well, the latest issue of Australian Scrapbook Ideas has hit the newsstands.  With the fabulous Jolene Pienaar on the cover with one of her adorable girls.  My feature this month was called 'Humour Me' and was all about scrapping fancy dress and funny photos - yeah I sure struggled with that! (not)  It was alot of fun.  You can see in the top right corner of the cover one of the layouts - featuring hilarious photos from the Medieval Fayre.  There are also some fantastic goofball pics of the kids in Groucho Marx glasses; as well as a layout featuring pics from Halloween 2009. 

 I hope you all survived Christmas, and haven't been washed away.  With all of the rain here and up north we've had to postpone our trip to Bundaberg to visit the family, not to mention just paying $700 to get another thing fixed on the car! (ouch, It's special needs) Well, I'm off to drink more coffee and then pick up Connor from his sleep-over, ahh the blessed peace shall soon be at an end! If only the rain would stop so that the kids could go outside!  (after all, there's only so many times you can go to the movies and see Megamind ;)
Happy Tuesday, Bloggers!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

Look at these cute and goofy boys of mine!  Poor Santa is being squashed out of his chair, no simple sit-on-the-knees for my boys ;)

 And here is the long-anticipated (and mocked) photo that you've all been waiting for.
In my defense I had polished off a bottle of wine, as had Fiona (which is probably why Kevvie said 'and you ladies haven't been drinking at all tonight, have you?') He looks so pleased to be there, doesn't he?  Well, that's the risk you take when you frequent the same dessert bar as us!  Fiona was very excited that the honourable MP knew where the scrapbooking shop was.  (She didn't believe my idea that he's been secretly dressing in drag and popping in for his craft fix)

Well as I type here, clutching my coffee and having a mechanical frog shoved up my nose by my youngest (always fun)  I just wanted to wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas.  Thankyou for popping in and visiting me, I really love to see that people are dropping by and leaving comments.  My goal for next year is to actually learn how to make my blog a bit spiffier and get my camera fixed!  I would love any suggestions any of you have!
Have a fabulous New Year, and be kind to each other.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December Card Kit

Happy Wednesday Bloggers!  I've been having a slight wigging-out about Christmas being so close (eek) I swear it ambushed me this year, so I'm in denial and am concentrating on other things  ;)  Such as the enormous amount of cards I had to make for the December Card Kit.  Normally there are 5 cards with instructions in each months kit (unless Liz does it and then she goes on a crazy card-making bender!  Just kidding Liz!  I love you and your cards ;)  But it being December we don't want our kit subscribers getting into mischief for the week the shop is shut over the holidays so we put more in.  So here are my offerings:

Easle Card

                                                                        Gatefold Card

So that should keep them out of mischief ;)
Anyhoo - the sun is out!  Time for 10 loads of washing ;)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thank Goodness for Lovely People

Hey Bloggeroos (I know, I'm getting worse ;) I just wanted to share a little thing that really made my day yesterday.
One of my lovely customers (and pals) Shirelle came into the store yesterday and gave me a cute little Christmas present.  It's a heat pack that she made herself.  I just about balled on the spot (I've had this thing lately that I cry if people are nice to me, what's that about?) and the bonus was that I had a headache at the time, (still do) so it is currently sitting on my shoulder healing me with its warmy goodness.  Here's a dodgy pic I took.
It's inspired me to hurry up and get my work and mag stuff done, so that I can finish the pressies I'm making for my friends and family. 
So, here's a big cyber-smootchie for Shirelle, and for everyone out there that takes the time to read my blog and leave me comments.  They really do brighten my day.
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Just Tootin' My Horn...

Hey there Bloggers.  Well it's certainly been a busy week, and a super busy weekend!  I've been o so patiently waiting for the Publishers to put up the cover pic for the latest issue of Australian Simply Cards magazine but I gave in and scanned my own copy ;)

I'm so excited!  This is my first time being published in Simply Cards (discounting the dodgy card I made for one of their free designer mini books).  Here's hoping they like me and there will be more to come ;)
And technically I'm on the front cover - I'm the 'Seasonal Stamping' bit on the right.

Here's a dodgy photo that I took with my phone of a card I'm about to send off to a friend of mine that's up the duff, (yay)
Just a simple one- using the gorgeous new Graphic 45 range - Once Upon a Springtime.

OH!  And a bit shout out to my Gal Pal Krischelle who's just been accepted as part of the design team for Scrap Tiffany!  Congrats chick!

In other news my car is cursed - this time last year I was rear-ended by a truck (not fun -don't recommend it) and then yesterday I had to get it towed to the mechanics for some sort of ignition coil thingy (it's like they're speaking in tongues) there goes $220 worth of xmas shopping :( Arrgghh!
Anyway, I'm off again (being kicked off the computer by my 11yr old - for shame, I cannot wait until I get a laptop)
Have a great day bloggers!