Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Quick Pic of My Babies ;)

First let me warn Kylie that she may want to look away ;)

I know I've been a complete blog-slacker (technical term ;) my only excuse is that I feel like I've had the plague (which one? All of them! ;) and that I've been busy, busy, busy trying to finish classes in time for the new schedule, finish Mag stuff by deadline (snort!) and simultaneously explain to the children why they can't have corn chips for breakfast.
So I thought that I'd distract you all with a quick pic that I took a couple of days ago of my babies, well 3 of them.  The pic's a bit dodgy but I was trying to take it with one hand and  make sure the others didn't escape with the other.  But how could I resist when they looked like they were doing a froggie congo line?  Exactly.

Aren't they adorable?  I just wish I'd gotten a pic the day one of them decided he wanted to spend the day sitting on one of the other frogs head.  All day, even when the poor sap on the bottom was shuffling around going places.  Freakin' hilarious.
Have I distracted you from the fact I haven't posted a crafty pic in ages?  Didn't think so ;) Don't worry, there will be crafty pics this afternoon.
Anyway, I'm off to have a breakfast intervention.  
Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Long Time No See ;)

Hey there bloggers.
I've decided to ignore the 'flu I'm battling to post some pics of some cards I've made for the new schedule.  They are very cute and easy to make.

The only trouble I've had with them is that people keep pulling the tag out on the one filled with mini M&M's while it's hanging up and M&M's go everywhere!

I've almost finished the Take-Away Menu Folder that I'm making and will post some more pics soon.  Anyway, I'm off to finish all of my instructions before I'm beaten with a stick ;)
Have a great Monday!

What's in them?
Papers: Echo Park -Little Boy; Playground 
            Cosmo Cricket- Salt Air
Stamps: (cupcake) Stamps by Judith
Clear Compacts: Tattered Angels
Ribbons: Vandoras