Sunday, November 06, 2011

Quick Pic

I couldn't resist quickly posting a pic of one of my frogs having a shower - beneath the newly added frog fountain.  He looks so regal ;)
 That's it,
oops, almost forgot the new pledge - even if it is a quickie ;)
Check out the super talented Sue Smyth's blog - she is a remarkably clever woman who guest teaches at work.  Her designs are truly works of art and she's a sweetie as well ;) Check out the awesome haunted Halloween doll house she made and had on display in the shop - fantastic, and when you walked past it (or stomped deliberately ;) it would go off with howls and scary noises - hilarious!! (she has also done up a Christmas one - I have now since bought 2 doll-houses to do up ;)
Okay, gotta dash and throw the children in the bath (very delicately and carefully of course ;)


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