Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Art Therapy

Hey there bloggers!
Well, I have been a busy bee ;)
 I decided around the end of the year that I would really get into art journaling and I did.  As I was trawling the internet for inspiration I stumbled across a fantastic lady called Tamara Laporte.  She is a mixed media artist who has classes online - with a lot of self-healing type themes to them.  Since this was exactly what I was looking for I signed up for her free class 'Art, Heart and Healing'.  It blew me away as it seemed to release something in me that has always told me that I can't draw, and I just followed the tutorial and was able to create something that I thought was pretty good.  I have always wanted to be able to draw.  I have always been surrounded by the most talented of artists and have been so envious!  What I wouldn't give to have a tiny speck of their talent!  But this class showed me that, sure I'm no Picasso, but maybe, if I tried hard enough, I could create something beautiful.
 So then I noticed that Tamara was running a year long course that involves over 20 different mixed media artists called Life Book 2013.  I gave myself my birthday present early and signed up.  My first 'assignment' was a warm up exercise where we had to create our 'Fairy Art Mother'.  A benevolent, patient and loving figure to provide encouragement and support on our creative journey throughout the year.  I loved this, and after much nervousness and doubt I did it and I love it.  So, I encourage you, if there is something out there  that you have always wanted to try or to do but didn't think you could...why not try?  Take a chance.  Reward yourself.  Reward yourself for continuing to try, even when you would like nothing better than to admit defeat and give up.  Nurture yourself by doing something that soothes you, calms you or replenishes you. 
If, like me, money is a bit (or a lot ;) tight, I still encourage you to check out her site and have a look at her Art, Heart and Healing class or check out a few of the links I've put below.  Donna Downey does a 'Collage Monday' and an 'Inspiration Wednesday' every week that are free.  Or if that's not your thing do what I did, trawl the internet until you find something that inspires.  And share it.  I'm a big believer in sharing the love and paying it forward.  And that doesn't have to be monetary - I am so grateful to have been blessed with the most awesome of friends - most of whom have supported me in some way or other over the years in different ways, but each way so appreciated.  My big thing this year is that we all need to help each other, even if it's a tiny thing like sharing a link or taking a second to write a kind or encouraging comment - instead of a negative one.  It may sound like a mad bit of hippy ranting - but it's true.  So my request?  Be kind.  To others, but most of all to yourself.
My Art, Heart and Healing Art Journal Page
My Fairy Art Mother

Art, Heart and Healing by Tamara Laporte (also check out all of her other classes)
Donna Downey Inspiration Wednesdays
Creative Jumpstart - this is a free thing created by Nathalie Kalbach to 'Jump Start' your creativity.  You sign up and receive emails every day in January that have a free tutorial by a different mixed media artist each day.  Not sure whether you  can still sign up after January, might have to check.  But if you do sign up now you will still get links to all of the previous tutorials in your email. 
A Beautiful Mess Inside -  if you are on Facebook these are great.  If you 'like' their page you then start receiving their posts of funny, inspirational and supportive quotes and memes.  Or you can check out their blog
Check them out and let me know what you think.  If you know of any others I've missed, let me know and I'll add them to my lists!