Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Farewell Hawthorne House

So....It's been awhile ;)  a few things have happened since I've been 'gone'.  I've been settling into the new store, finding my feet, so to speak.  It's a lot more organized, there are...systems.  I'm not so good with the whole systems concept so it's been interesting.  It's been very much an upstairs vs downstairs scenario.  The crazy, crafty ladies are upstairs and the sensible, organized people are downstairs.  It's almost like moving countries to me - but we are getting there. I am learning their foreign customs and they are getting better at tolerating the madness...or better at faking it, either way we are making progress.

So, now comes the farewell to the Hawthorne house.  For those not in the know, I only live 3 blocks from the old Hawthorne premises (now home to my buddy Tracey's store Side Street Vintage - more on that later) but after 10 YEARS in the same rental property we are finally moving!! Not too far away, just around the corner really to Balmoral but, it's a new house and a new start.  Hooray!!  Hooray for the moving, not so hooray for the packing and the stressing.  I should be packing right now but I hurt my back this morning lugging boxes and I'm trying to not do too much and make it worse (arrrgghh!!) So I thought that I would distract myself with a little blog post ;) and even if I'm just talking (or typing as the case may be ;) to myself right now - I've at least sat down and taken a much needed breather.
So, have fun Bloggers and bare with me as I dip my toe back in the Blogging world.  be gentle with me, it's been a while.