Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Australian Scrapbook Ideas Issue #4

Well, the latest issue of Australian Scrapbook Ideas has hit the newsstands.  With the fabulous Jolene Pienaar on the cover with one of her adorable girls.  My feature this month was called 'Humour Me' and was all about scrapping fancy dress and funny photos - yeah I sure struggled with that! (not)  It was alot of fun.  You can see in the top right corner of the cover one of the layouts - featuring hilarious photos from the Medieval Fayre.  There are also some fantastic goofball pics of the kids in Groucho Marx glasses; as well as a layout featuring pics from Halloween 2009. 

 I hope you all survived Christmas, and haven't been washed away.  With all of the rain here and up north we've had to postpone our trip to Bundaberg to visit the family, not to mention just paying $700 to get another thing fixed on the car! (ouch, It's special needs) Well, I'm off to drink more coffee and then pick up Connor from his sleep-over, ahh the blessed peace shall soon be at an end! If only the rain would stop so that the kids could go outside!  (after all, there's only so many times you can go to the movies and see Megamind ;)
Happy Tuesday, Bloggers!


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