Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Back to Work

Well, another year and another week full of classes!  I hope everyone had a fabulous start to their New Years.  We had a fairly quiet one - just a bit of a tipple and my best-y slept over.
This week I have 2 classes on Saturday.  In the morning is Kitsch Cards.  Just a bit of Retro fun to bring in the New Year ;)
(I've had a few people ask me what Kitsch means, and I think I confused them even more with my garbled explanations (you know, a bit cheesy...) so here's a quote from the dictionary: 'tasteless, garish or sentimental' 3 words that sum me up really ;)

The class in the afternoon is my Distress Ink Masterclass which had a bit of an accident but all has been restored. Here's some of them:
There are another 4 or 5, I shall add more photos soon.  Because it's a technique class, we don't make cards - just a variety of technique tags.  The stamp used is one of the preview stamps from Hero Arts.  I'm totally in love with it at the moment.
Well the children are screaming so that must be my cue to sign off ;) Don't you love the school holidays?
  Have a fab Wednesday!


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