Thursday, January 13, 2011

We're Ok

Hey Bloggers,
I just wanted to quickly post that we are all ok.  With the river peaking much lower than expected we were well and truly safe from the waters.  I spent part of yesterday helping Fiona move everything out of the lower level of the shop and all of the papers and lower stock up high onto chairs and tables and then sandbagging the doors.  We hadn't been too concerned until we found out that the house next to the shop had flooded in the 1974 flood - and at that stage they were still expecting the levels to exceed that.
Thankyou to all of our concerned customers who rang the shop on Tuesday to see if we were ok. 
Also to everyone out there that wasn't as lucky as us in escaping the waters, my heart goes out to you all.  If there is anything that you need or that I can do to help, please let me know.  We really need to stick together and support each other so that we can recover as soon as possible.
Anyway, I'm just waiting to hear from a friend to see if she's ready for me to help move her out of her home until they get power back on, that's assuming I can reach her.
Keep safe, be strong, and don't hesitate to ask for (or give) help.


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