Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Miss My Camera

Happy Sunday Cyber-pals.  I just thought I'd quickly post about how fabulous last night was!  We had our very first Urban Women's Association meeting.  It's a brainchild I've been thinking about and talking about for ages.  It's my version of the CWA (Country Women's Association) except we're in the city ;)  It's a way for crafty ladies to get together and teach and learn different crafts and skills and support each other.  Last night we made heat packs (with everyone crammed into my place) and also made a few cards for the Heart Cards people. 
It's times like these that I miss my camera the most :( I'm hoping it can be fixed.  Meanwhile, I'm off to start getting ready for work, I'm teaching the Distress Ink Masterclass today.  Have a fab Sunday (Kids are back to school tomorrow!!!)


Lizzibelle said...

I love the idea of UWA Barb. Can I join too? A new heat pack would come in very handy right now. My back is playing up again which means no sitting down and I can't craft standing up! Ah well... More drugs!

Krischelle Page said...

Hello Chick, had a horrid weekend... girls sick (gastro)...tried to txt but the phone is barred... arghghghghghgh! Sorry I didn't make it last night but between wanting to release bodily fluids, dealing with the girls etc... I just couldn't make it over. LUG, Shelly

Karen Shady said...

HELLO :) I just awnted to say hi. I am also on the Australian scrapbook ideas DT... So thought Id introduce myself :)

Funkibubl said...

Hmmm so now I am blog stalking! About this UWA thingy, I would also be very interested in joining. I could maybe bring a few skills to the group? I have been looking for crafting group/clubs.

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