Monday, February 07, 2011

They Say it's My Birthday (and 5 things I'm Lovin')

Hey there bloggers! Well today I turned 34  - say it loud and proud I say.  I've had a quiet but good Birthday - my boys were blessedly well-behaved, I had coffee with my Mother-in-Law and have so far racked up 4 (count 'em,4) Birthday cakes.  I guess that makes up for the couple of years where I didn't have one ;)

This week's faves revolve mostly around what I've been up to last week - leading up to my Birthday  so bare with me ;)

1. Panic Hair

My bestie Kylie has been hanging her head in shame in regards to me - I admit I only get my hair done once a year for my Birthday.  And recently I had to confess to her that I had cut my fringe with a pair of nail scissors in sheer frustration.  My excuse is that pre-children I had dead straight hair.  Now after 2 kids I have out of control curls (I mean really, what's that about?)  I hadn't been able to find a hairdresser that actually knew how to cut curly hair properly so I lived in sufference ;)
I finally succumbed and went to her Hairdresser on Thursday, and am now a convert.  I swear, if Kaycee moved to Zabizi I would follow her!  My hair looks fabulous! (if I do say so myself ;)
These guys are in St Lucia and are super fabulous (and they make you milkshakes or coffees)
To check them out click on the panic button ;)

2.Make Up School

I went to make-up school Friday!  Kylie and I booked in for Make-up 101 at Gorgeous Cosmetics in the city.  It was so much fun and actually very informative and useful.
I mean, I know how to do my make-up but I just wanted to learn a few different ways to do it and learn some tricks.  This was fabulous!
They sit you up with your own brush-roll and lighted mirror after you've been quizzed on the colour wheel (seriously, we were quizzed on Primary, Secondary and Complimentary colours) and the fab Tiffany taught us all her secrets.  She did one half, then we had to do the other - it was great, you learn about application, contouring, blending and a thousand other things.  You learn 4 different 'looks' and the best bit is that you then get your 'class' fee back in product!  Brilliant.  Highly recommend it.  Lots of fun.

3. Belly Dancing

Yes, I have been going to Belly Dancing lessons, Tribal belly dancing no less.  I look forward to the day that I will progress to balancing a sword on my head ;)
Seriously - that is on the cards, Dion is very excited but has informed me that none of his are up for grabs (spoilsport)
This is great, you have so much fun, there is no pressure or worries about your flobboly dobboly's (technical term) as you are meant to have a belly!  And great exercise - you really have to concentrate to make sure the top bits stay still while the bottom bits are doing their thang (and vica versa)

4. Adele

Dion is an avid Facebook-er and haunts You-Tube like no man's business.  In his cyber-travels he came across this fab singer (I realize that she is recent and popular at the moment but hey - we listen to radio stations that plays the 80's and Rage doesn't even get a look in in our house between Sponge Bob Square Pants and Despicable Me ;)
He bought me her latest CD '21' and I am lovin' it. You can check out one of her filmclips (complete with Ninja's) here.

5.  Sharlene

I'm always lovin' Sharlene, but she's leaving next week to go and live in Singapore for 2 years so I thought I'd put in a little homage to her.
For those of you who haven't met her she is seriously one of the most lovely, generous and wonderful people you'll EVER meet.
She is such a sweetheart.  Never an unkind word to say about anyone, always cheerful and basically an all-round wholesome individual (even if she does have an un-natural obsession with Bon jovi ;)
She is a talented Scrapbooker, always eager to lend a hand to help and very patient with the more challenging of customers (and work-mates ;) that she comes across.
I shall sorely miss her while she's off gallavanting through the fancy Scrap-Bars of Singapore.
We love you Sharlene!!

Well, that's enough of that - those cakes wont eat themselves! ;)


Liz Weber said...

Happy Birthday Barbara, sounds like you have had a wonderful lead up to your special day! Loving your top 5 things you are lovin!

Have a fab birthday week Barbara!

Sharlene said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARB!! Hope you have had a lovely day and that your picnic on Saturday involved much frivolity and joy!! I pray a most joyous and prosperous year for you-you deserve it!
Oh, and your homage was so lovely-it brought tears to my eyes. You are so sweet to me-I shall miss you terribly :-(

Michelle Clement said...

Happy birthday!!! :) I hope you had a lovely one! Enjoy the cake!

Just made that way said...

Happy Birthday Barb!

I'm nominating you for some fun awards, stop by my blog to take a look.

enjoy the rest of your weekend

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday for last Monday Barbara. Hope you had a lovely night with your husband & the boys on Saturday night with lots of fairy lights & diner & drinks in the garden. Fay

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