Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We have been frantic at work - when-ever we approach the cross over from one class schedule to the next it's action/panic stations for a while.  Not only do we have to design and create a heap of classes, but we also have to schedule them - which can be a nightmare in itself.

So, anyhow here is one of my new upcoming classes called Spellbound (because it's all about using Spellbinders - I think Fiona goes a little kooky when she's naming the classes)

This next one in from another class coming up called Technique Trio.  Dion actually really likes this one - I do too, it's kinda Batik-looking.

Also a big shout out to the fabulous Linda (AKA Little Miss Puddleduck) for the lend of her telly - since ours blew up in the storm on Monday night.  My kids are your biggest fans!  Linda will be soon doing some kits and guest teaching at work (yay).  You can check out her blog here
Anyway, that's it for me so far - gotta get back to the craft desk (if I can find it ;)


Krischelle Page said...

Love the spellbound cards! You are super talented! You would be proud, I cleaned up my scrap corner over the past two days! Yeah! Krischelle

Barbara said...

Now, you know that you wont make friends by being clever AND neat ;) I am the natural enemy of the flat surface ;) ps I got the Tim Holtz birdcage die today!

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