Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December Card Kit

Happy Wednesday Bloggers!  I've been having a slight wigging-out about Christmas being so close (eek) I swear it ambushed me this year, so I'm in denial and am concentrating on other things  ;)  Such as the enormous amount of cards I had to make for the December Card Kit.  Normally there are 5 cards with instructions in each months kit (unless Liz does it and then she goes on a crazy card-making bender!  Just kidding Liz!  I love you and your cards ;)  But it being December we don't want our kit subscribers getting into mischief for the week the shop is shut over the holidays so we put more in.  So here are my offerings:

Easle Card

                                                                        Gatefold Card

So that should keep them out of mischief ;)
Anyhoo - the sun is out!  Time for 10 loads of washing ;)


Liz Weber said...

HEHE Barbara you cheeky little cardmaker! I can't help myself!

LOVE these gorgeous cards, you used all those different papers beautifully together! I am sure the kit will keep everyone out of mischief (well except you of course!!)

Have a wonderful Christmas Barbara!

Lizzibelle said...

The kit looks fantastic Barb. Can't wait to pick mine up! I love your easel cards. Something I never think to do myself so love it when you put them in the kits.

George said...

These look pretty keen! Nice work!!

Raised By Wolves

Anonymous said...


These cards are absolutely beautiful - you are a gifted soul!!!


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