Thursday, December 09, 2010

Just Tootin' My Horn...

Hey there Bloggers.  Well it's certainly been a busy week, and a super busy weekend!  I've been o so patiently waiting for the Publishers to put up the cover pic for the latest issue of Australian Simply Cards magazine but I gave in and scanned my own copy ;)

I'm so excited!  This is my first time being published in Simply Cards (discounting the dodgy card I made for one of their free designer mini books).  Here's hoping they like me and there will be more to come ;)
And technically I'm on the front cover - I'm the 'Seasonal Stamping' bit on the right.

Here's a dodgy photo that I took with my phone of a card I'm about to send off to a friend of mine that's up the duff, (yay)
Just a simple one- using the gorgeous new Graphic 45 range - Once Upon a Springtime.

OH!  And a bit shout out to my Gal Pal Krischelle who's just been accepted as part of the design team for Scrap Tiffany!  Congrats chick!

In other news my car is cursed - this time last year I was rear-ended by a truck (not fun -don't recommend it) and then yesterday I had to get it towed to the mechanics for some sort of ignition coil thingy (it's like they're speaking in tongues) there goes $220 worth of xmas shopping :( Arrgghh!
Anyway, I'm off again (being kicked off the computer by my 11yr old - for shame, I cannot wait until I get a laptop)
Have a great day bloggers!


kathie said...

OMG rear ended by a truck! How frightening. At least the ignition coil thingy is not life threatening!

Congrats on the mag publication. How exciting! And hey, that new Graphic45 line is so sweet, isn't it.

Krischelle Page said...

Hey chick, wahoo cover of the mag.... yeah....!!!!!! thanks for the shout out. Love your guts! KP

Nerrida Mitchell said...

Congratulations - it is exciting being published especially when a mag picks you up for the first time. The card is beautiful!

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