Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thank Goodness for Lovely People

Hey Bloggeroos (I know, I'm getting worse ;) I just wanted to share a little thing that really made my day yesterday.
One of my lovely customers (and pals) Shirelle came into the store yesterday and gave me a cute little Christmas present.  It's a heat pack that she made herself.  I just about balled on the spot (I've had this thing lately that I cry if people are nice to me, what's that about?) and the bonus was that I had a headache at the time, (still do) so it is currently sitting on my shoulder healing me with its warmy goodness.  Here's a dodgy pic I took.
It's inspired me to hurry up and get my work and mag stuff done, so that I can finish the pressies I'm making for my friends and family. 
So, here's a big cyber-smootchie for Shirelle, and for everyone out there that takes the time to read my blog and leave me comments.  They really do brighten my day.
Have a great weekend.


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Thanks for stopping by! In answer to your query about twine - I like "Divine Twine" which I bought from and comes in a range of colours. It is also available on etsy if you google it. I also have some B & M Twine which is a bit thicker.

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