Sunday, October 31, 2010

Barbara the Techno Bimbo

So, I tried my first attempt at cyber-cropping....and ran out of time to post my card I made for it because I'm a doofus and have no idea how to post pics to the gallery ;) so, here it is, a very quick and hurried and slightly blurry card sketch challenge for The Scrappers Outlet

Card sketch

My camera is still broken, so the pic was taken with my dodgy phone ;)
I shall try and cyber crop again, and this time I shall prevail!!!


TammyJ said...

Hi Barbara, thanks for stopping by my blog :) Your comment made me smile. I like your take on the TSO sketch :)

Linda M said...

Hey Gorgeous Girl!!!
So glad you could join the Techno Bimbo Club...
now I won't be so lonely ;>
Hugs xx
ps. About those 16 layouts... nope, I wasn't at a retreat (I wish I was!) I simply parked myself down on the floor ('cause I couldn't find my desk under all the mess) and started scrapping on Friday night... I didn't sleep much, but I was having so much fun whipping up those pages that I just couldn't stop... Mind you, I did manage to squeeze in a shopping trip to Carindale on Saturday and even took dd to Sunday School. (Geez I'm good!!!) LOL ;>

Lizzibelle said...

Love it! The bats are so cute. Love the hangover eyes.

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