Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Classes, classes and more classes!

I suspect Fiona is secretly trying to kill me off by putting all of my classes on at once! ;) I have the new vintage double layout on this Friday, (then the shop xmas party in the evening), then Saturday we start with the Interactive Xmas class then have the cuttlebug cards in the afternoon.  Then Sunday we have the off the page frenzy - where people bring along their UFO's or new ones and we get cracking!
So if you don't hear from me after Sunday I've gone into a crafting coma ;) I love a good whinge, it's the English blood in me.

Betty and Jack were my Grandparents, my Dad's parents.  I get my craftiness from Grandma (and my messiness) and my whingey-ness from my Grandad (the Pom).  Isn't it creepy how much I look like my Grandma ;)
I used all Graphic 45 papers and pretty much all Graphic 45 embellishments, not that I'm obsessed or anything ;)

Poor Fiona, she accused me of giving her wrinkles and putting her in an early grave (hmmm, might explain the classes marathon ;).  I can be very 11th hour in handing in my examples, but I must say that the flowery card (the stress-making culprit) turned out to be my favourite, obviously I work best under pressure....
I also got to play with the new Tim Holtz machine on Monday, the Vagabond.  I'm in love (sigh) I can't justify getting one as I already have my beloved Cuttlebug...but if something were to ever happen to it....well it is super-cute, and comes with stickers to customise it ;)
the sides open out like a cuttlebug, the clasp-looking bits are the on/off and direction switches and it has a hidden compartment to stash the electric cord.  I just love it.  And on that note, I'm off to finish writing my class notes ;)
Have fun bloggers, B


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