Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Too Much Cute Stuff

Hey there bloggers, today started with Hamish (4) crawling into my bed at 5am and then proceeding to vomit everywhere (just as well I have a strong-ish stomach or I'd have joined in in sympathy).  So needless to say it's a stay at home and play catch the vomit day today (fun)  But now he's asleep and I'm blog-hopping when I should be working (deadlines, what deadlines?) and I keep finding sites with the cutest handmade embellishments (I'm such a sucker) check it out
If you click on the pic it'll take you to the site and you can have a go at winning it, cool, huh?  Makes me want to crack out the crochet cotton and go all granny-like...except I need to go back to work....Although a handmade embellishment would put the finishing touch on the layout I'm working on ;)


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