Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Issue 3 is Here!

I'm so excited because Krischelle's layout is on the cover!  Yay! You go girl! I did off the page for this issue - 12 days of Christmas advent houses, a star wreath and my Christmas Control Journal (really gotta get that back so I know what I'm supposed to be buying and making ;)

The daggy, giddy delight still hasn't worn off - although the stress of trying to get everything completed in time is certainly not fun ;)
I did another full day class with Jane Tregenza yesterday, gimme a day or so to complete the stuff and I'll post some pics from that.
Anyway, I need more coffee, have a great Tuesday, B


lene said...

Congrats my dear - but then, we all know you are awfully clever! My family isn't doing presents for Christmas this year, but I was hoping I could make some pretty cards for them all... Will you teach me O Wise One?

Krischelle Page said...

Giddy doesn't seem to describe the excitement! Your article is fantastic chick!

Liz Weber said...

LOL Barbara nothing daggy about feeling that giddy excitement, it's an awesome achievement so enjoy the giddiness!

LOL sorry you had to pack up all those card kits, I am sure you do a fab job, thanks!

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