Monday, November 22, 2010

Just a Quickie ;)

Hey there Blogsters,
I survived, just, after a couple of Nanna naps, highly under-rated, the Nanna nap, good for what ails you, I say.  Anyway enough rambling, I have a quick share. It's my best friend's Mum's birthday this week and I was informed that I was not to make a card with chickens or frogs on it, I was to make something tasteful - as befitting the recipients advancing years (all of 60, a veritable spring chicken! )
So, luckily I had been ruminating on an idea for a class for the schedule in the new year, called Vintage Ladies, and this is what I came up with.

I hope it passes muster ;)
Have a great night!


Liz Weber said...

LOL Barbara I do hope your elegant card passed muster. LOVING that image and the fabric flowers look perfect!

Lizzibelle said...

I think you showed great restraint Miss B. A cute little frog hiding under that pink rose ribbon would be perfect though. Cheeky, but I always do what people tell me I can't!

kathie said...

That is one classy card, and one I'd much rather receive than the alternative with chickens or (even worse) frogs on it!

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