Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Some Retro love and Halloween happiness

Well, it seems like a million years since my last post!  In that time I have accomplished great feats (assembling an Ikea bunk bed for the boys in 59 minutes..not that I was counting ;) not to mention surviving Rollerskating on the weekend.  I don't think that it counts that I was the only one not to fall down, as I really only went onto the proper rink part 1 1/2 times.  Hamish and I did rock the carpeted area though ;) and I carried 2 serves of hot chips on a tray - in skates - at last my dream of becoming a rollerskating waitress is slowly becoming realised ;)  I blame LA Ink.  However, I do think that we should have an International day of the Roller Derby Girl, I was barely able to stay upright on Sunday, they do violent craziness on wheels!

Anyway.  This week I have a few classes on, Quick and Speedy Cards, Heritage Layout and a late addition - Halloween (I told her that I would teach a Halloween class one way or another!)

There are another 2 cards to the set, but for some reason the photos didn't turn out.

 I was a bit fuming after I made these Halloween cards.  Don't get me wrong, I love them, but I really struggled to not use my not-inconsiderable stash of Halloween stuff to make them - as then it would drive people mad as we don't have all of it in the shop to buy.  So it forced me to adapt and create Halloween things from mostly everyday stuff (apart from the small amount of Martha I snuck in on the gift bag ;)  I was fuming because an hour after I finished the last card (poor Fiona, she really doesn't like my 11th hour approach to life ;) a great big stash of Bo Bunny and Graphic 45 Halloween stuff arrived in the store (which I then had to buy ;)

 I was really happy with how this turned out - check me out as a foxy 2 yr old ;) and look at the size of my Uncle Danny's bow tie!  Wowsers!  Anyway, I'm off to play with the Whooligans (aka - the Bo Bunny Halloween papers ;)
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Liz Weber said...

Fantastic cards Barbara, love that you do Halloween cards, I have never made any.

Love the quick birthday cards, very funky indeed.

That layout is so Retro, so YOU, just love the design, love the bird cage, love the flower and the photos are just fantastic.

Have fun teaching your classes!

Kylie said...

I'm loving your witch owl - he looks so startled!

Krischelle Page said...

Can't wait to see more chick, these are great and I am looking forward to a night of cardmaking and chit chat!

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