Friday, September 10, 2010

Issue 2 is here!!

Hooray!  Issue 2 is finally here! And OMG it looks fabulous!  (I apologise for the text speak, but I'm super happy with how it looks)
And if you look REALLY closely in the top left corner - near where it says 'new' it's one of my layouts!  So, technically, I made the front cover! ;)
And a big shout out to my paper pal Krischelle Page for her first time published and welcome to the design team (her work is so cute and beautiful).  So, race out to your nearest newsagents and find me on pages 42-45 (not that I've memorised it or anything ;), and don't forget to check out my Christmas off-the-page project in the free mini-book ( pages 24 & 25) I know I'm an enormous dag!


Liz Weber said...

Woohoo Barbara congrats on your layout on the cover AND inside the mag :-)

Thanks for your help today, LOVE my new trolley, it's already in use!

Thanks for the blog love and visit :-)

Have a great weekend!

Krischelle Page said...

Wahooooooooo, two great minds think a like! Thanks for the plug on your blog, your the best.

Krischelle Page said...

So tell me how to get the counter on your blog?!

Krischelle Page said...

...and of course your are not just talking to yourself.... me on the other hand... have no way to promote mine! LOL!

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