Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thank God It's Wednesday

I know that's supposed to apply to Friday, but I normally work Friday and what seems like most Saturdays, so Wednesday is all good...although with the school Holidays upon us, work has even more appeal ;)
Well, I finally handed over my layouts for issue 2 today, sans instructions, but hey, I like to keep Tina in suspense as much as I can!  For those not in the know (ie those few of you out there that I haven't waved a pre-release copy at)  I am very privileged to have been chosen to be part of the Design Team for a brand spanking new Scrapbooking mag, Australian Scrapbook Ideas, to be released July 16.
This is what the front cover looks like: and if you look very closely in the top right corner you'll see my name.  Well, I'm excited, I don't care if that makes me gauche, that's just me.
I didn't tell my Mum that the mag featured photos of her in it until it was too late to do anything about it (mean I know, but for those that know my Mother, perfectly understandable!)
As for the honeycomb front.....Dion bought a large packet from Woolworths today, so say no more ;)


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