Tuesday, July 19, 2011

An Interesting Life

I love how there is a curse that goes 'may you lead an interesting life'.  Some days (to be honest, alot of days) I crave banality.  I yearn for uneventfulness (if that is such a word) and boredom.  There always seems to be some sort of drama lurking around the corner.
For now, though, I am choosing to focus on the good events that are occuring.  Only 3 more sleeps until 'Operation Tregenza'!
I can't remember if I have mentioned that that is what Rachel and I are calling our upcoming trip to Adelaide to do an All Day Scrap at Seriously Scrapbooking which is Jane Tregenza's shop.
I'm very excited, I've never been to Adelaide, and am only slightly worried that I will probably freeze. (it's Winter, but here in Brisbane I get away with wearing a t-shirt and jeans most of the time during the day) One very helpful customer today said that I should quiz the very next elderly lady I see and ask her where she gets her thermals.  I thought that might be a bit too risky and I'd end up being beaten over the head with a sturdy handbag ;)

Anyhoo, I'll leave you with this pic, I took it last week or so during the school holidays.  It's of Connor (in the middle) and his BFF's BJ and Noah. I was walking behind them with Hamish so it's a bit blurry but I don't mind, I love it.

Look after yourselves, Bloggers, be kind to each other and to yourself, you never know what life will throw at you.


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