Saturday, August 06, 2011

Fighting the 'Flu Funk

Hey there Bloggers.
As the title of this blog post suggests I have been in a bit of a funk (creatively). What can I say, it's super-hard to be buzzing with creative ideas when you are coughing and spluttering and aching all over.  Normally I shake these things by now, but this years 'flu has been agreed upon as being a tenacious bugger. (When you can't even face a cup of coffee and start drinking hot water you know you are in trouble ;)
There has been alot of new stock come into the store lately though, so I'm hoping that some of it will inspire me to do something.  Plus one of my super gal-pals Rachel helped me sort out my craft space last week and as I continue to tidy up the chaos the miracles she wrought are slowly being revealed and realised (lets just say we moved everything and painted everthing white ;)  When I have tamed the clutter I shall post some pics. 
I'm off to feed the ravening hoards, and fingers crossed the inspiration fairy will visit me ;)


Natalie said...

Get outa that funk girly and show us ya stuff!

Pearl Maple said...

hope you are on the mend and back to being the wildly creative person we know you are

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