Sunday, July 10, 2011

Life, The Universe and Everything

I'm warning you all now that I'm in a bit of a weird mood today. 
I don't know whether it's 1. the freezing cold (I mean really, 4 degrees?  Couldn't it make the effort and warm up a little?) 2. the consistent lack of sleep (mostly my own fault - I've become addicted to Craig Ferguson's late, late show - honestly, I'm powerless against a mad Scotsman with a sleazy gay robot side-kick ;) or 3. the fact that I'm coming to the conclusion that I must have accidently set off some catastrophic Mummy curse at some stage (my only logical conclusion - I mean, now someone reverses into the front of my car?  Has it not suffered enough?)
Anyway, that's enough whinging.
So, I've been driving my poor gal pal Rachel mad by torturing her with my complete lack of computer savvy.  If you witnessed the weird-looking appearence of my blog for 12 hours or so - that was me torturing Rachel to help me change my blog, failing miserably and then ringing her at an un-godly hour begging her to teach me how to change it back ;)
So, any ideas or tips for revamping my blog without losing my header (or making it green) please, bless me with your wisdom ;)
You may have also noticed the little BublTree etsy store jigger on my blog (if the whinging didn't scare you away ;)
The aforementioned Rachel and I have just opened our own etsy store together where we will be selling all manner of crafty goodness. 

(check out my super fuzzy crocheted coathangers ;) we are still slowly adding the items we've made so bear with us.

It was Hamish's birthday last week - he turned 5 (eek) and is very cross that he isn't going to school now.  

Check out the awesome Dino cake that my gal pal Lyndal made
I've also been super busy at work, teaching lots of classes.  Most recently my 'Creativity Journal' which is really just a fancy name for a folder that you can use for organising stuff.

We also had our all day Christmas in July class yesterday.  Where there was far too much laughing and guffawing going on.  (let's just say that I'll be suspicious now whenever Dion cooks dinner ;)

Anyway, I'm off to make 19 sets of dog-tags for a 7yr old's birthday party (fun) and need to get off the computer before Connor's head explodes with impatient fury.

Thanks for stopping by.


Funkibubl said...

Pah ..... It was easy to talk you through how to change it back! and I am loving the new fonts, colour changes etc

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