Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Barbara's Birthday Bonanza

You gotta love the names given to some of the classes we run at the shop.  Fiona's mission is to get 'So You Think You Can Stamp' on the schedule, whereas mine is 'Fun With Flock and Glitter' (try saying that 3 times fast) so far we are at a nil-all mexican stand-off.  Although we are all so tired at the moment they both may end up in the next schedule just because we can't think of anything else ;)
So, after having a semi-frantic phone call yesterday reminding me that I had a class this Friday involving 6 cards and the one card I had actually already done was lost somewhere in the chaos that is my craft desk I then proceeded to stay up until 2am this morning making cards in time to be put in this morning's newsletter.  Ah, such fun. Check out those moustaches though - I HAD to have that stamp set when it came in.  Anyone who has known me for 5 seconds or longer knows that I compulsively turn all manner of objects into moustaches.

Not too shabby really.  The wheels spin on the bike and you pull the icing part of the cupcake up to reveal the birthday message.
Only 11 days until Operation Tregenza (yay!) I am a little worried that I am going to freeze, so I may just have to wear every item of clothing I own at once. (I hear the Michelin man look is very in this season ;)
Anyway, I'm off to wrestle the chocolate from the children, and finish cleaning out the car.  It's off to the 'Car-Doctor' (Hamish-ism) tomorrow for an indetermined amount of time (sniff). Fingers crossed it wont be too long.
Have a great night,


Denim Days said...

You obviously work well under pressure, these cards are awesome, love them all :)
x Tracey

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