Tuesday, March 01, 2011

A Quickie Show and Tell

Hey bloggers, I just thought I'd quickly share a card I made for my friends baby shower on the weekend.   I swear every woman I know is pregnant (or just had a baby) at the moment, at last count there were 6 friends who are/were enciente.  Don't drink the water I say (no really, don't. the Brisbane water supply seems to be having some issues since the flood and there are alot of people (myself included) who have been ill).  Anyway, now that I've issued completely unsubstantiated health warnings - onto the card.

Notice the Prima packaging?  How are you supposed to throw that away?  Although that is now hard evidence that I've been buying Prima, my reputation will be in tatters! Fiona actually checked that I didn't have a fever yesterday because I guiltily admitted that I really liked a new girly butterfly paper that had just come in ;) She thinks she's so funny ;)
Gotta dash, have a great Tuesday,

What's in it?
Stamp -Stampendous - Cowboy Chick M134;
Patterned Paper - Crate Paper -Restoration-Refinish; Cardstock-Bazzill; Glitter - Doodlebug; Prima packaging; Ribbon;


Michelle Clement said...

Omg - how cute is that card?? :) Love it! he he. I use packaging all the time, too - some of it is just too pretty not too!

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