Monday, March 21, 2011

Just a Quick Hello

Hey there bloggers!  Sorry I've been a slacker in the posting department ;) it's been chaos around here, I keep optimistically waiting for it to settle down a bit (snort) I don't like my chances any time soon.
I thought that I would quickly post some pics of the Jane Tregenza class I went to last week.
The ladies hard at work ;)

Hmmm...I do look a little over-excited and stalker-ish ;)

I sat next to the lovely Deborah Dowling

What a ghastly pic!  I look 9 months pregnant urrghh!
 Anyway, ignoring the ghastly pics ;) I had a fabulous time - as I always do in Jane's classes.  She taught us how to make a book (which I'm holding above) I've just got to finish adding some finishing touches and then I shall post some pics of the finished product. 
Have a great night,


Liz Weber said...

Looks like a fab time Barbara. Hope to see your book soon! Hope things slow down this week (ha ha). Try to have a good week!

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