Thursday, March 03, 2011


Sorry, bit excited there!  I have been bursting with excitement ever since I found out that my cards made the cover of the latest issue of Australian Simply Cards magazine.  I couldn't wait for the mag to post the pic on their website, so as soon as one of my gal pals spied it on a Newsagents shelf, I quickly took my own dodgy scan of my copy.

My article is all about interactive cards - pop-up, spinner etc.  I was very happy with them. 
Anyway, enough self-adulation, gotta get these kids ready for school and daycare.
Have a great Thursday!


Krischelle Page said...

Wahoooooo! You are so very talented and creative!

Michelle Clement said...

Yay! :) And congrats - that's awesome!! :)

Funkibubl said...

so so cool, are you prepared for all the trappings of a superstar lifestyle?

Megan said...

Well done my very talented friend :)......I am awe stuck and proud to know you!! I receive a signed copy????

Liz Weber said...

Yeeha congrats on that spectacular front cover Barbara, really it's the only place your work should be!

Will send you that info next week :-)

Have a FAB weekend, stay dry!

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