Friday, January 02, 2015

Project 52

So, it's a new year, which is always a good excuse for fresh starts and new beginnings.
I have been slowly decluttering and trying to organise the house - especially as we will be moving again most likely in March. There is a quote that has been floating around the place that goes something like 'Don't let your Past rob you of your Future'.  Sounds good right?

As I was speaking to my gal pal Tracey from SideStreet Vintage today I was lamenting that I hadn't finished my daughter Freya's doll that I was making her for Christmas. She made a comment to me that I should try and get a project finished every week, which got me thinking.....I could do that, I should do that. I have a heap of UFO's (Unfinished Objects) scattered all throughout the house, just waiting for me to finally finish them off. So I've decided to bite the bullet, and commit to a year-long project to help clear all of the numerous unfinished craft creations, so that they are finally finished and done and are no longer cluttering up my house or the back of mind.  
Thus Project 52 is born.

First step was to write down all of the current works in progress (that I can remember) as well as projects that I want or need to start (and finish ;) It's embarassing just how many works in progress (or more accurately works in statis) I have on the go.  And yet, I've still got ideas for more things to make popping and fizzing constantly in my brain. So now, all I need to do is start.  First one to cross off the list - Freya's belated Christmas doll.
Wish me luck!


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