Tuesday, January 06, 2015

My Project 52 - Week 2

Hi there Crafty Peeps!
I am so excited to say that I managed to finish my first weeks project - even though half the house has been sick (myself included) and I had really only given myself 2 days instead of 7 seeing as I hadn't come up with this whole plan until 2 days before the end of the first week ;)
Previously I might have held tight to those excuses and used them to not get stuff done, but I dug deep and finished Freya's doll - that I had hoped to get finished before Christmas.  Luckily she is too young to know any different so I got away with it this time ;) So, here is: I still need to do some work on her hair (I'm hoping to make it to Stitch Club tomorrow and pick a few brains for some help) and I will make her some more outfits of course, but the important thing is that she is FINISHED!!

 My UFO for this week is actually the original doll I started for Freya for Christmas, I found the pattern for free online here but as I was making it I thought it was going to be too small so I started the second one from the 'My Crochet Doll' book by Isabelle Kessedjian.

So here is where I had left it when I started the second one.  I'm thinking of deviating from the original pattern and mixing it up a bit, so we'll see how it turns out.


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