Tuesday, January 06, 2015

My Project 52 FAQ's

I've been asked by a few of you who would like to play along a few questions so I thought I'd do up a FAQ section ;)

Q: I would like to join in but I don't think I have 52 unfinished projects - can I still do it?
A: Of course! I'm using it as a way of not only getting things I haven't finished done - but also stuff I haven't started ;) You can put anything on your list, such as presents you want to make for people or cards or even Scrapbook pages.  I'm focussing mainly on crochet, rag-rugging and sewing projects but you can use this as an opportunity to get ANYTHING done.

Q: I have projects that will take more than a week to finish, what do I do?
A: I have a HEAP of projects that will take more than a week so what I'm doing is pairing them up with super quick ones that will only take a day or so to finish, so the rest of the time I can work on the longer project.  This way, I'm still getting a project finished each week.

Q: But it's past week one, can I still join in?
A: Of course! It's never too late to start.  If you want you can change it's name to 'Project Get Stuff
Finished' if it makes you feel better ;) Or you can catch up by doing an extra one or two on a different week.


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