Monday, January 23, 2012

First Day of School

Hey there bloggers!
Well, it was the first day of school for alot of kids today, my boys included.  It's going to be an interesting year this year as Hamish has now started Prep and Connor is now in Grade 7!  Eek! It was like a beautiful back to school miracle today - I woke up and Connor had awoken early, got himself AND HAMISH dressed to shoes AND gotten them both breakfast!!! Now, normally it's a nightmare to get Connor to dress himself on time but it was so wonderful to wake up and he had gotten himself and his brother ready - I nearly cried!
Hamish was so ready to go to school - he told me that he was 'so ascited!' to be going to school.
Dion's mum came this morning to see him and Connor off - she was the only one with separation anxiety, we literally had to drag her away from Hamish's classroom.
Check out the cutie:

No, he's not going to school in the jungle, that's our lawn that desperately needs mowing ;)
Connor - too cool for school?

Mimi not wanting to leave

 Anyway, I'm off to get the scones out of the oven for my starving boys, I hope that if you have kids that went to school today that they enjoyed their first day back!


Denim Days said...

Too Cute!!
I hope they enjoyed their first day
x Tracey

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