Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Have Computer, Will Blog

Hey there bloggers,
Well, I bit the bullet yesterday and went out and bought a brand new computer.  I know, I know, I tortured poor Rachel for many weeks, making sad eyes at her so that she would come over and spend hours trying to beat our old one into submission, but it was finally glaringly apparent that no matter what miracles, voodoo or curses she performed the computer was too ancient to play the game (pun intended).
So now I have supplied the males of the household with their long awaited super-computer and I have the off-cast computer.  Which I'm actually pretty darn excited about as it's perfectly adequate for my needs, and now I don't have to wrestle people out of the way so I can get stuff done.  This must be similar to the excitement felt by those with a second bathroom ;)
So here I can sit, perched next to my froggies (and closer to the coffee machine ;) pinning madly away whilst pretending to type up class instructions.
Hooray for Rachel and her technologically savvy brain ;)


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