Sunday, July 08, 2012

Farewell Hawthorne Store

Well, Bloggers.
The last day at Hawthorne for Stamp and Scrapbook Madness has come and gone without too much of a fuss ;)  A big thanks goes out to all of the customers who (while still sad) said that they would still support the store and follow us 15 minutes down the road to Wynnum.  I understand that the bit further distance will mean a few less visits for some - or a bit more planning ( the beach is nearby and there are lots of fish and chip shops ;).  But after the initial small bit of negative feedback I must admit I was very relieved by the support and (occasionally grudging ;) understanding by our loyal and fabulous customers.
At first I was a little sad, but to be honest, as each day passed I didn't get sadder - I got more and more relieved!  I am looking forward to going to work tomorrow knowing that I can focus my energies 100%  on the one store and not have to worry about what's going on at the other one, or wondering when the next disaster is about to befall me because something is at one store instead of the other.  Not to mention that the customers wont again have to hear me say "yes, we do have that, but it's at our other store..."

So, where to from here?  What's the plan?  Well, first we have to move everything over (fun ;) but apart from that I have grand plans.  I've got some sprucing to do. (Gotta make it pretty ;) Make sure that the class room is ready and raring and up to date.  I've got to go through all the CHA previews and new releases and brainstorm about which stuff to get in or not (I'm open to suggestions and/or bribery ;) I've also got to unpack the latest arrivals - (I heard tell of a Graphic 45 Ladies Diary delivery). The usual.  But the one thing to remember at all times - the new name may be Papertrenz but it's still the home of Stamping...and Scrapbooking...and most of all (especially while I'm around) Madness ;)


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