Monday, June 25, 2012

Stamp and Scrapbook Madness is on the Move

Good Morning Bloggers!
For those of you in the know and have read your Stamp and Scrapbook Madness/ Papertrenz weekly newsletter you will know by now that the Hawthorne shop is moving very shortly to be merged into the one at Wynnum.

Big news.  I know that there will be a lot of Customers that will be upset by this news.  But I say to them that we have to focus on the positives.  The store will still be open, just 15 minutes down the road.  The hours it will be open will be massively increased (63 hours a week!!).  The stock will all be in one place, the classroom is exponentially bigger, and hey, I'll be there! ;)
Yes it is a bit sad. (Remember, I just live 3 blocks from the shop at Hawthorne ;) but at least it isn't closing! With so many Scrapbook stores having closed down over the last couple of years we are becoming a dying breed, so we have to do what is most sensible to keep going.
 I hope that everyone that shops at Hawthorne will continue to support the store as it moves, and for those that it will just become too far for - the SSM website is in the middle of a major overhaul (well overdue) and will soon be accurate (gasp) and cheaper than in-store, with instant postage calculation and everything!
Now that's flash ;)
So I say, don't be sad.  Rejoice that the store has been given the chance to still stay open, to still be here, and remember, I will still be there, ready to give hugs where they are needed, advice where it is wanted, and incessant nattering where it is tolerated ;)


Anonymous said...

Anyway you put it, it IS dissapearing. It is a take-over by a larger company
And yes I am upset as there was a warm feel to Hawthorn where you could go for a bit of 'me' time out of our schedules and I know I am not the only one who feels this way, we knew the Lease would not be renewed next May but this is a shock.
Anna's Craft cupboard be prepared for a deluge of orders and Photo Continental must be excited to hear this as their customer base just swelled too for all the people who can't get to Wynum.

Barbara said...

I'm sorry you feel that way. Phil and Lois have tried to keep Stamp and Scrapbook Madness open as long as they could but in the end it is better to be able to focus on making one store great than having both stores suffer because everyone is being spread too thin. With the move to Wynnum we'll be able to make it as welcoming as Hawthorne - more so hopefully as it'll also be more organized.

Denim Days said...

Hi Barbara :)
It is sad to see Hawthorne move, but it is so nice that we still have a lovely shop to visit with all the current ranges and the best teachers(and classroom). Phil and Lois are very nice local people, who look after their customers very well, so it will be a pleasure to shop there and still see your smiling face xx

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