Monday, August 30, 2010

Going Graphic (45 that is ;)

Well, it's official, I'm a Graphic 45 junkie.  I've got a few male themed classes this schedule and the 'A Proper Gentleman' range is just fab for them.  

I love these ones!  I know I'm a cheesy dag, (doesn't sound good ;) but there you are.  The tie rack one is so easy but is so cute!

The double layout is not one of my original ideas - it's a class I did at Printblocks with the lovely Jenny Sutherland.  The first lot of cards shown are variations of ones I did in her class as well.

Speaking of Graphic 45 classes...I did another one today, another all day-er from 9am-5pm, this time with the fabulous Jane Tregenza.  Love her work.  We did a great layout using the new-ish Hallowe'en In Wonderland collection.  Love it.

Myself with the talented Jane
crazy Kym

some lovely table companions

So, all in all a fab day.  Watch this space for more photos soon!



Dion said...

I thought I was your best friend. I like the pirate card it reminds of the Barbara who liked to run amok and not just scrapbook

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